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Week 18 - July 31st, 2020

Where Are The Angels?

Brandon Balantyn talked to us about the importance of empathy towards others. As an educator, he is consistently enriching the lives of people around him. One day, there was a kid who was being especially "difficult" in class. After asking what was wrong, it turned out there was a story behind her behavior.

Week 17 - July 24th, 2020

The Open Road (Is My Home)

On our call, Bill Elliott talked about his passion for traveling. He has often found himself an American in Paris, ...Amsterdam, ...Rome — pun intended... (for the non-theatre fans: Bill is the orchestrator of the most recent "An American in Paris" on Broadway and London's West End.) 

Week 16 - July 17th, 2020

This Party Never Ends

Gillian talked about the importance of friendship and how she revels in bringing people together. In her own words: "I look around inwardly and smile over the friendships that have blossomed and grown from simply introducing one friend to another. I love this circle of connections that bond us together and keep us rooted in happiness."

Week 15 - July 10th, 2020

Find Your Voice

"Find Your Voice" was inspired by David Lee Brewer. David has, as a vocal coach, mentored some of the greatest stars as well as countless others. In our song, we talk about the relationship between a younger sister and her big brother. He inspires her to keep searching for her voice, and when she finds it, to speak up bravely.

Week 14 - July 3rd, 2020

Pick It Up Again

"Pick It Up Again" was inspired by Ree Studer. Ree told us that she had spent a lot of time thinking about young people and their commitment to changing the world for the better. In "Pick It Up Again", we captured that energy in the form of a struggling relationship — how do we pick up the pieces when both parties stand on opposite sides?

Week 13 - June 26th, 2020

Rain Clouds

"Rain Clouds" was written for, and inspired by Han F. de Wit. Han is internationally known as one of the founders of contemplative psychology. He is a great thinker, an astute conversationalist, and his writings inspire us to experience our thoughts with... a grain of salt.

Week 12 - June 19th, 2020

Charlotte & Roger

Stephanie Carlin messaged us with a very special song request. She told us about the love story of her grandparents, Charlotte and Roger. In 1951, with Charlotte an aspiring nun and Roger enlisted to fight in Korea, their romance was unlikely. What followed was a life of celebration, and many grandkids (as Stephanie told us). 

Week 11 - June 12th, 2020

The Dragonfly Song

"The Dragonfly Song" was inspired by Jeroen Donkersloot. One thing that stood out to us was Jeroen's dedication to the environment through projects such as spearheading a Green School in The Netherlands. We wanted to write a song that was simple and sweet. Enter: The Dragonfly Song

Week 10 - June 5th, 2020

The Wheel Keeps Spinning

"The Wheel Keeps Spinning" is a song about loss, inspired by Cathy Hall. We tried to capture that sensation of feeling someone's presence even though you know they're no longer there. As if that person is a physical part of you; their absence like a phantom limb.

Week 9 - May 29th, 2020

Never Retire

"Never Retire" was inspired by our patron, Chrétienne Dibbets. Chrétienne mentioned that the quarantine very much felt like "early retirement" to her - and not in a good way! From our conversation, we drew inspiration and we created a character who loves life and can't imagine she will "ever retire", much like Chrétienne herself.

Week 8 - May 22nd, 2020

Where I'd Rather Be

"Where I'd Rather Be" was inspired by Jessica Bracht. Jess is originally from upstate New York and moved to New York City a while back. She has often told Travis and Leonoor that she hopes to one day settle in a rural area, and with all of us city-dwellers stuck in our apartments, we decided to write something that woud evoke the rural life Jess describes.

Week 7 - May 15th, 2020

So Long

"So Long" was inspired by our patron, Mike Frank. Mike sent us a picture of an empty construction site in Seattle, Washington. As a contractor and small business owner, he is experiencing the impact of COVID-19 first-hand. Inspired by his experiences, we decided to write a song about a small business owner facing challenges of her own.

Week 6 - May 8th, 2020

Better Ignored

"Better Ignored" was inspired by our patron, Eric Stern. Eric suggested writing a comedy song about a couple during quarantine. Because being in the same space for too long can be... a recipe for inspiration?!  

Week 5 - May 1st, 2020

Queen C

"Queen C" was inspired by our patron, Chantel. This week Leonoor and Chantel exchanged some silly memories from their time in Boston... and a song was born!

Week 4 - April 24th, 2020

Finer than Vintage

"Finer than Vintage" was inspired by our patron, Helma Wiersma. Helma turned 75 on Sunday and we wish to celebrate her with this tune. It's not hard to be inspired by Helma: her zest for life, her heartwarming laugh, and her love for travel are contagious. We wish we could drink a glass of Bordeaux with her right now!

Week 3 - April 17th, 2020

The Tale of Idun

Struck with Covid-19 symptoms and with a confirmed case in their building, Leonoor and Travis have been weathering the NYC chaos. As they look out their window they see that Spring has sprung. As such, they decided to write a song dedicated to a Nordic spring goddess called Idun. 

Week 2 - April 10th, 2020

Island Time

This song was inspired by our patron, Doug Peterson. He suggested our next song be about celebrating life with friends, so we decided to write about our vacation on Maui last May. We asked Nora Germani to add vocals in the bridge as she was the final member of that trip- make sure you don't miss her cameo in the video!

Week 1 - April 3rd, 2020

Time Will Tell

Our first release was inspired by the sense of approaching disaster, with no way to avoid it. We saw the news in different countries and were concerned for the healthcare workers in the US. From our New York apartment, COVID-19 felt "so far away", until it wasn't.