Breakout Chronicles writes weekly music based on inspiration from family, friends, and fans. We are a songwriting studio with a small team of passionate songwriters, instrumentalists, producers, and mixing engineers. 

We value collaboration, mastery, and learning. We write, record, and produce new songs every week and we believe that quantity breeds quality. Since Breakout Chronicles was founded in April 2020, we have written more than 50 songs - that's one song every week! Our mission is to expand our catalog for licensing purposes, grow our fanbase of monthly subscribers, and write iconic songs.


We currently use Patreon to manage our subscriptions. In the summer of 2021, we will be launching our Breakout Chronicles songwriting platform as a web app. This platform will host our latest songs, allow us to interact directly with our fanbase, and grow our business independently of Patreon.


Leonoor Rinke de Wit

Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer


Travis Frank

Songwriter, Pianist, Producer


Zachary Pennington

Mixing Engineer, Producer