BREAKOUT CHRONICLES  is a team of four: We are songwriters, instrumentalists, and music technologists. Together, we write, record, and produce a new song every seven days inspired by our members on Patreon.

Leonoor Rinke de Wit

Through our music, we share the stories of our community. We believe that music brings people together. From ideation to song release, our process is about creating a shared experience where our fans are invited to the writing table.

Travis Frank

Allan Nilsson

Our songwriting is technologically savvy and extremely collaborative. For just $3 a song, we invite you to become a part of our membership.

Why become a patron on Patreon?

  • Directly inspire our songwriting

  • Become a part of our collaborative community

  • Get our music a week ahead of the public

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Partake in a completely novel way of experiencing music. Listen to the stories of others. Join the fun. We can't wait to be inspired by you.

Zachary Pennington